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PA Capability
PA systems comprising of EV MT-2 woodwork. Complete with Bi-amped Monitor wedges, drum-fill and side-fills as required. Ex unit, we have 20kW FOH and 10kW on the monitors.
Sound System Specification
Desks Mackie SR40 40:8:2 + 8 Aux & 11x4 Matrix
Soundcraft K2 32:8:3 + 8 Aux, 8 Subgroups & 11x8 Matrix
TAC Scorpion 32:8:2
TAC Bullet 18:4:2
Outboard XTA GEQ 600 2 x 31 Graphics
BSS FDS 366 Omnidrive Compact Plus
Yamaha SPX 90 II
Yamaha R1000
Drawmer DL 441 Quad compressor
Drawmer DL 241 Compressor Limiter
Alesis Midiverb 2
Alesis Midiverb 3
Behringer Enhancer
Behringer Autoquad
Behringer Composers
Lexicon MPX 500
Yamaha Rev 100
TC Electronics D2
Playback / Record Denon DRM-H10 Cassette deck
Technics SL-PG480 CD player
Aiwa DAT machine
Fostex DAT machine
Sony MDS-JE520 Minidisc
Canford / Tech Pro Com System
Tascam Minidisc
Monitors 15" + 1" 2 (AKA MB3) wedges. Eminence drivers.
Crown 24 x 6 Amps / PIP AMC(b)
XTA GEQ 600 2x31 band graphics
Amps Amcron 601
Amcron 3600VZ
Amcron 5000VZ
Loudspeakers EV MTL2, MTH2
Mics Shure SM 58 Shure Beta 58
  Shure SM 57 Shure Beta 57
Audio Technica 935 Lectern mics Shure Beta 52
Sennheiser MD 504 Shure Condenser Mics
Beyer 422 AKG 451's c/w CK1
  Beyer M101  
Radio Mics Shure UT - Twin Diversity (SM58) Sennheiser EW300 - ME4 (Cardiod Lapel), ME3 (Head-worn), SKM300 (HH Condenser)
  Shure EC4 VHF (Beta 58) Shure VHF (SM58)
Beta 58 head/Tie clip  
Misc BSS AR 116 active DI's Passive EMO DI's
Mic stands; Upright/Boom/Shorts
Power 63A Three Phase RCD Protected;
63A Single Phase RCD Protected;
  125A Three Phase RCD Protected;


Sound Reinforcement systems
1kW PA system (amplifiers and speakers only) @ 85.00
2kW PA system (amplifiers and speakers only) @ 100.00
4kW PA system (amplifiers and speakers only) @ 150.00
6kW PA system (amplifiers and speakers only) @ 200.00
8kW PA system (amplifiers and speakers only) @ 225.00
10kW PA system (amplifiers and speakers only) @ 250.00
12kW PA system (amplifiers and speakers only) @ 300.00
16kW PA system (amplifiers and speakers only) @ 350.00
20KW + POA
Complete Band PA systems
2kW PA system inc FOH monitor mix, mics, stands etc @ 250.00
4kW PA system as above @ 295.00
6kW PA system as above @ 350.00
8kW PA system as above @ 400.00
10kW PA system as above @ 450.00
12kW PA system as above @ 495.00
16kW PA system as above @ 600.00
With on stage monitor mix, add 150.00
Larger rigs available. POA.
Touring quotations by arrangement.
The final fee will depend on the confirmed specification.
All fees exclude VAT at the current rate.
The fee includes 1 engineer and trucking within 15 miles of Nottingham. Trucking over 15 miles is chargeable. The client will be expected to provide competent sober crew for loading in AND out.

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