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Space Flower
The Space Flower is a 3000W searchlight which will run from a 13A socket. It produces 36 beams of pulsating light which open and close and scan through the sky. The effects are stunning, and attract attention from a wide area as they are visible from up to 5 miles away. As such, they are ideal for functions such as car launches, new products etc where maximum publicity is desired. Our Space Flower has been the talking point on Radio Nottingham as the public often perceive this as UFO’s, Spaceships or other alien craft.
Permission from the Civil Aviation Authority is required and we obtain this on your behalf.
They are designed for external use and can safely be left outside in all weathers. However, the security for the Space Flower is the responsibility of the hirer and therefore adequate security measures must be taken, and insurance obtained.
Normally, we will deliver and install this effect for you.
Please Note:
  1. Do not try to lift the Space Flower alone.
  2. Do not attempt to shine the effect at passing aircraft as it is an offence.
  3. Do not move the unit for 10 minutes after it has been switched off to allow the lamp to cool.
  4. Do not attempt to light the effect within 10 minutes of switching off as it will not re-ignite and may well blow the fuse.
Further details available on request.