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Conditions of Hire

The 'Company' means Panda Hire Ltd in all the following conditions.

Any transaction is subject to our Terms of Business, a copy of which will be supplied on request.

All orders must be confirmed in writing prior to delivery or collection of equipment.

The customer is liable for any loss Panda Hire may suffer as a result of any cancellation or variation of order.

1. All hire charges are based on a period of 24 hours. Charges commence from the day of collection/delivery until the day of return. One week's hire is charged as three days. One month's hire is charged as three weeks. All fees are payable in cash at the start of the hire or by cheque seven days prior unless you have agreed credit terms with us. All invoices include a 5% discount for payment made within 30 days. We cannot accept payment by credit or debit card.

2. If the function is cancelled within 1 month of the event, then a cancellation fee will be charged of 50.00. This is normally the deposit. If the function is cancelled within 7 days of the event, then the cancellation fee is 50% of the confirmed fee.

3. All Equipment remains the sole property of the Company and shall be surrendered to a Company representative upon request. The Hirer shall not re-hire any item to any third party.

4. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring the suitability and fitness for purpose of all equipment, cables, connectors etc. hired to him. Under no circumstances can the Company accept any responsibility for any injury, either to persons or property, caused by any item of equipment hired or by the neglect of the Hirer. The Company will be pleased to give free advice on the suitability of equipment for a particular purpose.

5. The Hirer shall be responsible for the safety and security of all items hired to him and will take the steps necessary to arrange suitable insurance cover to indemnify himself and the Company against the cost of replacing any items lost, stolen or damaged whilst hired to him. This insurance to commence from the time the equipment is collected from the Company premises and to cease upon the safe return of all items to the Company premises.

6. No cable may be deliberately cut for any reason or purpose. Tails will be supplied to enable connections to distribution boards on request.

7. No plug, socket, connector, coupler or device may be removed from any cable without authorisation from the Company. Any plug, socket, connector, coupler or device found to be missing or damaged will be replaced with all costs added to the hire contract. Any plug, socket, connector, coupler or device found to be incorrectly refitted by the Hirer will be replaced and/or refitted by the Company at the Hirers expense.

8. All cables to be returned neat and tidy. Cables supplied on drums must be returned on drums. A charge will be made for the replacement of any missing cable drum. Cables that are incorrectly or badly coiled will attract a re-coiling charge of 50p per cable.

9. All luminaries are supplied fitted with operational lamps and packed with spare lamps. If any spare lamp is used the original, blown, lamp must be returned. Failure to return a blown lamp will result in the cost of the spare lamp being charged to the Hirer.

10. All items are despatched tested and believed to be in full working order. Any item of equipment considered to be faulty must be reported to the Company as soon as possible. Under no circumstances should the Hirer attempt any repair, other than the replacement of a blown lamp, or interfere with any circuit breaker or other protective device. The Company will make every effort to repair or replace defective equipment as quickly as possible. The Companies' liability for failure to provide suitable operational equipment shall not exceed the Hire charge of the defective equipment.

11. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the power supply to which an item of equipment is connected is suitable for that equipment. The Hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to any plug, socket, coupler, connector, cable, device or equipment caused by connection to an unsuitable power supply, misconnection to any power supply or overloading. The Company will not be responsible for any damage caused to any power supply, generator, distribution board or other items of equipment caused by the neglect or inexperience of the Hirer.

12. Panda Hire will not be responsible for any non-fulfilment of contract by either Management or artist, or for any goods or services booked from a third party, but every reasonable safeguard is assured.

For Dry Hire we require a deposit and proof of identity.

Free Delivery is included, at our discretion, subject to our minimum hire charge of 50.00

Whilst every effort will be made to supply equipment for hire as ordered, Panda-Hire reserve the right to substitute similar equipment if necessary.

We are able to provide labour to install and operate hire equipment by arrangement.


1. All damaged and missing truss will be charged for at the current sale list price.

2. All damaged and missing truss will remain on hire until the replacement cost is paid in full.

3. Removal of tape, cable ties, labels etc., will be charged at 25.00 per man hour or part thereof.

4. All components must be returned in the packaging supplied.

5. Under no circumstances is any component to be painted without our written permission. All painted components will be charged as 1 and 2 above.

6. Missing pins will be charged at 2.00 each for Litebeam and 4.00 each for 'C' Clips for Trilite'

7. All costs are exclusive of Value Added Tax which will be added at the current rate.

Date of Issue: January 2000

This supersedes all previous issues

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